Need to furnish a room quickly or “to go”? You might consider rooms to go furniture financing or furniture leases themed around specific rooms or functions. If you’re not sure what to expect, read on.

Below, we’ll break down what rooms the furniture financing is, how it works, and why you should consider making it your preference for your big furniture expenditures.

What Is Rooms To Go Financing?

“Rooms to go” financing is a furniture financing payment option platform where you finance or lease a lot of different furniture pieces and accessories for a single room. For example, say that you move into a new house but you don’t have any furniture for the spacious dining room.

In that case, you don’t have to purchase each piece of furniture item piecemeal. Instead, you can use rooms to go financing and finance a lot of different furniture pieces simultaneously. However, you’ll still have to account for the sales tax after making a purchase.

Why Finance Furniture?

Simply put, financing helps you make flexible choices in regards to the furniture you order from showrooms and online stores. Of course, all the different furniture pieces for an entire room (or several rooms in a house) can be very expensive! In contrast, when you finance furniture, you only make monthly payments against the finance agreement or lease total.

Financing pay for furniture on a room-wide scale allows you to pick up lots of different furniture pieces and furnish an empty room quickly and decoratively. Furniture store financing spreads out payments you don’t have to completely break the bank. 

When you finance furniture, you can make larger purchases with a secured loan and other methods. 

Is Financing Furniture Good for Building Credit?

It can be! Depending on the company you choose, your furniture financing agreement or furniture lease could be reported to the big three credit bureaus. As you make payments on time, this information is reported to the bureaus, which will update your credit score positively as a result.

That said, you can’t miss any of your furniture lease payments or default on your agreement. This negative information can also be reported to the credit bureaus, lowering your score in the process.

Rooms To Go Financing: Three Options

When it comes to financing stylish furniture or leasing furniture purchase for an entire room, you have three broad options. Let’s take a look at each option one by one.

1 Furnish a Room All at Once and Finance 

Firstly, you can pick out all the furniture pieces for an entire room in the same visit. Companies like Becca’s Home categorize furniture pieces by room or style, making it easy for you to pick up tons of furnishings that go well together aesthetically and practically.

Once you’ve selected all your furniture pieces, you can finance them all in a single lease agreement. That way, you make one monthly payment and only have to keep track of one lease. It’s much easier than having to keep track of individual leases or financing agreements for every piece of furniture you purchase.

2 Use a Low-Interest Credit Card for Furniture Purchases

Alternatively, you can purchase your furniture with a low-interest credit card. Low-interest credit cards have low APRs/interest rates. That means you won’t pay too much extra money for purchasing the furniture in this matter. You still make monthly payments toward the credit card’s balance, however, and you can’t take out furniture that’s worth more than the credit card’s maximum.

Still, this may be a good idea if you find a credit card with good terms or good programs that reward you for using the card in the first place.  A secured credit card is best, both for its security, rewards program offerings, signup bonus offerings, and more.

Some credit cards require a credit check, but not all. Other major credit cards may have credit score requirements, such as Visa and MasterCard.

Note that each credit card payment should be made on time and take the initial purchase amount into account. Some cards offer a variety of payment options for your home furnishings.

Many also allow direct payments through Synchrony Bank. This can be downloaded from the app store anywhere in the United States of America. All that’s needed is your date of birth, credit card account number, and a few other pieces of information. 

With this app, you can log in and make a payment with the touch of a button. The app may include prompts or third-party advertisers, but it’s a small price to pay for quick access to account information.

3 Find Financing Terms That Meet Your Needs

Lastly, you can take out a traditional furniture financing agreement with terms that meet your budgetary and time constraints. The ideal furniture financing agreement will be:

  • Affordable. If it’s too expensive to make monthly payments, you should hold off on purchasing the furniture overall
  • Reasonable in term length. No one wants to be stuck paying for furniture for years in the future
  • Free of unnecessary fees. Some financing agreements or furniture leases come with extra fees for late payments, for opening the lease in the first place, an annual fee, and more. Try to avoid these at all costs
  • Devoid of a down payment (or a large down payment)
  • Set up with reasonable minimum payments. These are the equal monthly payments you have to make by a due date each month and avoid fees. 

For the best results, you can and should set up autopay. The best retailer or furniture store financing deals may offer deferred interest, let you pay directly from your bank account, and should be able to pre-qualify you with your Social Security Number and other ID verification elements.

For many, the best way to finance furniture is to take out a furniture lease through Becca’s Home. Our affordable and accessible way to get the furniture you need fast is better than most financing agreements you can find from furniture dealers. Applying is easy once you set up a username and password.

Check out how it works today!

Summing It Up

Overall, rooms to go financing allows you to quickly furnish a new home or an empty room with thematically appropriate, aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces. Rooms to go financing can be a great way to make sure your home looks and feels lived in and loved just a day after you move in.

Becca’s Home offers the best payment options and everyday low prices for children’s furniture or other original room packages. In fact, we have the widest array of themed room packages for the right price. No matter what you need, we have the right furnishings for you. We don’t offer credit check financing, either, so you can get your home decor quickly.

Be sure to contact Becca’s Home for furniture pieces perfect for any room in your home, including your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more.


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