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Get the latest styles delivered to your doorstep. Need a room remodel? We’ve got your back with custom curated room packages. Just looking for finishing touches? individual items are available a-la-carte.

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Lease what you love at a no-brainer monthly price. All monthly payments go toward owning, and if you decide to buy your furniture early you save 50%!

Add, Upgrade, or Own Items

Get new items to keep your space feeling fresh. Qualify for a free upgrade every 12 months. Or own your items early and save 50%.  The choice is up to you!

Questions & Answers

At any time after your first lease payment has been made, you may use our early payoff discount and save 50% on your remaining lease payment total. After 17 payments you will automatically own your items.

If you’ve been leasing for at least 12 months, use your furniture upgrade to deliver furniture to your new address for FREE. Please provide 14 days’ notice for all move requests. If you’ve been leasing less than 12 months, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

All our items are brand new. Every Becca’s Home item is delivered straight from the factory.

Becca’s Home is not intended for people that need short term furniture for less than 12 months. If your current apartment lease is up in less than 12 months, or if your life situation changes, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Never fear. If you have any other questions you can live chat or sms us. You can also view the FAQ page by clicking here.

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