Neilsville One Drawer Night Stand – Whitewash

$12/mo Retail: $102

Own It In 17 Months!

FREE 2-Day Shipping

Why Is Becca’s Home Different?

Furniture ownership redefined.

  • Low Commitment Leasing

  • Payments Go To Owning

  • No Credit Needed

Do you have any questions?

Our experts are here to help!

Color White
Item Type Nightstand

In-Home Assembly: For regular decor orders, adding professional assembly is simple as adding the assembly option to your cart when you checkout. Phew!


DIY: For the rest of us, assembly will be required. Don’t worry, the instruction manual is inside the box!

All orders are delivered via UPS Ground. Please allow up to 5 days for processing and shipping.


Return Fee Exceptions

We know that life doesn’t always go as planned. Becca’s Home will waive all return fees associated with involuntary job loss and military deployment.



7 Days: No questions asked returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery. A restocking fee will be applied.


Up to 3 Months: If returning after your 7 day window has passed, 3 more payments are due. You may keep your item for 3 months, OR fulfill your payments upfront and send it back early.


4 – 9 Months: 1 extra lease payment will be required, as well as return shipping and handling.


10 – 17 Months: Just pay shipping and handling.

Wondering how much your payoff is? Just check how many lease payments you’ve made so far and look at the corresponding early cash payout amount.


That’s right, you save 50% on your remaining lease payments when you buy! Pride of ownership just got a whole lot sweeter.

After This # of Payments Early Cash Payout Total Cost of Lease
01 $96 $108
02 $90 $114
03 $84 $120
04 $78 $126
05 $72 $132
06 $66 $138
07 $60 $144
08 $54 $150
09 $48 $156
10 $42 $162
11 $36 $168
12 $30 $174
13 $24 $180
14 $18 $186
15 $12 $192
16 $6 $198
17 $0 $204

Becca’s Home provides payment plans that cater to your unique living situation.


Lease: Get the decor you want at the monthly payment you need. The best part? Payments go towards owning so you never waste a dollar!


Own: Leasing something you wish you had bought? Payoff your lease anytime before 17 months and buy your item at 50% off!


Swap or Return: Order a piece that was just not meant to be? Don’t worry, we’ll let it down easy. Check out Shipping & Returns to learn more.


For more details on Becca’s home Payment plans, please visit our FAQ section.

Neilsville One Drawer Night Stand – Whitewash

$12/mo Retail: $102

Own It In 17 Months!

FREE 2-Day Shipping

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